Robert Craven

International Sales and Entrepreneurship Guru

Running his own consultancy since 1998, Robert is one of the UK’s best-known and sought-after speakers on entrepreneurship. He spent five years running training and consultancy programmes for entrepreneurial businesses at Warwick Business School.

Offering practical solutions, Robert’s work on marketing and strategy has been widely published and used effectively by thousands of growing businesses.

In addition to this, Robert runs The Directors’ Centre, an award-winning management consultancy.

With an impressive track record and experience at helping businesses develop and implement strategies, you will undoubtedly understand how and why he adds value to these organisations. Robert demonstrates to growing businesses how to be more businesslike and multinationals how to be more nimble.

Robert also personally works with a select list of personal clients, acting as a mentor to the managing director or the board. His recent clients include: Airbus SE, Land Rover Jaguar, Microsoft, Nando’s, Virgin and Ritz Carlton.

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