Who's Speaking

Zev Siegl

Co-founder of Starbucks

Zev Siegl’s presentation Right From Start explores the strong bond between Starbucks and its target audiences around the world; how it began with a sense of purpose in the ‘70s, the turning point in the early ‘80s, and why Starbucks’ evolved purpose continues to be so powerful.

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Peter Draper

Former Marketing Director of Manchester United Football Club

Peter Draper is a veteran of the sports marketing fraternity, having spent close to 30 years developing and implementing commercial programmes with sport at their core. He cut his commercial sporting teeth at the English Basketball Association, successfully leading the commercial sponsorship and media development programme and working with brands such as Guinness, Kellogg, Rotary Watches, Channel 4 and The Prudential.

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Kevin Gaskell

Managing Director of Porsche and BMW

Kevin is an energetic and passionate leader with a proven record of managing growth, driving successful turnarounds and delivering substantial improvements in companies already considered to be market leaders. Recognised as one of the most capable mangers of his generation he is able to define and implement positive change within organisations large and small.

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Jonathan Yabut

Winner of Apprentice Asia

Public speaking is reported to be the number one fear of people around the world according to mental health organizations. It is no wonder that great public speakers remain to be rare and valued in today’s society, especially in the corporate world. When you lack public speaking skills, you’re likely unable to assert yourself during meetings, express your opinions to your boss, or make connection with work colleagues.

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